Please congratulate Jack Schlenger the 2022 winner of the $5000 Lothar Klestadt Memorial Scholarship.

The award and check were presented by Jeanette Gioia, President of the NYNJFFF&BA at the June 15th 2022 membership meeting held in Newark NJ.

Jack is the son of David Schlenger, OIA Global and pursuing his undergraduate at the University of Vermont.

Click Here to read Jacks’s essay on the following:  “Should changes be made to United States De Minimis import regulations or law?”  E-commerce has grown enormously in the past five years due to the passing of The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 (TFTEA). This law raised the De Minimis shipment value. Prior to TFTEA an individual could import $200 each day free of duties and taxes. TFTEA raised this amount to $800. The resulting explosion of low value imports has become controversial and led to proposed changes in legislation.