Lothar Klestadt Scholarship

23nd Annual $5,000 Lothar Klestadt Scholarship Awarded to

Angalina Gutierrez for her essay on - 

"Block Chain Technology:  Is it beneficial to international trade.  If so, will the benefits continue and if not, will it be harmful?" 


Read Angalina's essay!


June 6, 2019

Angalina Gutierrez - Winner of the $5000 Lothar Klestadt Scholarship for her essay on Block Chain Technology.  Angalina is a high school senior graduating later this month and will be starting her undergraduate studies as a freshman at the University of Florida this fall.  

Angalina will be presented with check and certificate on June 12, 2019 at the membership meeting by Michelle Maslow, Association VP of Education and Bill Skinner, Association President.  Ms. Gutierrez is the daughter of Janis Rich-Gutierrez from member company Kalustyan Corporation.





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