on September 24 - 25, 2018 Hyatt Regency Washington

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Hyatt Regency Washington
Washington, DC

Join us at the Government Affairs Conference in 2018!

If you have not had the privilege to walk the Hill with your peers, THIS YEAR is the best time to start! Our Association should be leading the way with trade issues and this is the place to make our mark on the industry! Every day the news cycle changes, but trade always seems to be mentioned. Our jobs are changing on a moment’s notice and we should be rising to the occasion to speak to our congressional members about these tumultuous times! At the GAC this year we’ll be discussing in detail the Sec. 232 and 301 tariffs, a large change to drawback regulations, changes to NAFTA and a myriad of other issues. Given all of that, it really is the perfect time to be in Washington!   


Come to the conference to ask questions of CBP and trade leadership as we work to mentally unpack the information backlog that’s thrown at us.  As we have said in the past, we appreciate that attending the GAC is an investment of money and a sacrifice of time but you can see the dividends it pays in the legislation introduced, the regulations amended, the supporters added, and the changes made. All of which redounds to the benefit of your colleagues, your industry and your Association!


The early bird prices are in effect through 8/25, so act fast and let us know that you’ll be in attendance this year! Click to Register


If that’s not enough, when you do have some down time, come and enjoy the sights of DC: our view from the hotel is the Capitol building; we’re a minute’s walk to the Smithsonian museums (all of which are free to enter); there’s always someone to have dinner with on a moment’s notice; and you’ll get a chance to rub elbows with congress members! This really is the conference for you!!


Thanks and talk to you soon…

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September 24 - 25, 2018

Hyatt Regency Washington



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